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Beefing Up the Palouse Educational Meetings

For the last three years, a group of producers and researchers from Washington State University have been working on an experimental project called Beefing Up the Palouse. This was part of a group of grant projects (AG Pilots) that were designed to address a variety of agricultural issues in Washington State. Beefing Up the Palouse was an examination of an economically viable alternative to the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) program.

About 100,000 acres will be coming out of CRP every year for the next several years and the choices of what to do with that land are limited. The project in Adams County, Washington has added another option for landowners to consider for land coming out of CRP.

Cattle grazing formewr wheat fields as an alternative to CRP

Beefing Up the Palouse uses high density, short duration grazing with long periods of recovery for the plants to produce income levels that are competitive with Conservation Reserve Program payments. The project is entering its third year of production and profitability continues to increase. They use a very comprehensive rangeland monitoring system called Land EKG that tells them what impact their grazing has on the ecosystem and they adjust our grazing techniques to this information.

The group is partnering with Managing Change Northwest (MCN), a 501c3 that recently received a grant from the Community Building Foundation to hold a series of informational meetings throughout eastern Washington to talk about the results of using a holistic approach to grazing as an alternative use for former CRP land.

These meetings will cover the basic information about their grazing techniques, what challenges they have dealt with and what programs are available to help in the transition of CRP to grazing. As part of the grant, Managing Change Northwest is also offering consulting services on a one to one basis to a selected group of producers.

The Meetings Have Concluded.

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